Site Information

Is this site affiliated with Bungie?
No. Bungie provides publicly available services to retrieve data (known as an API). This site uses that service but is not affiliated with Bungie.
What do I get for winning clan wars?
Bragging rights, that’s it. We are not affiliated with Bungie and cannot provide in game rewards.
Why does this exist?
Bungie provided a clan system for Destiny but provided no clan functionality. We decided to give the community a way to compete with other clans, even if they can’t play directly head to head.
Are there plans for mobile apps?
The site was designed from the beginning to be used on mobile devices. There are no current plans for mobile apps.
Why does this site have ads?
We know you don't particularly like ads. They aren't that fun for us either. Unfortunately we need to pay to run this site and the easiest way to do that is by displaying ads.
How can I contact you?
Tweet us @DestinyClanWars or visit our Google+ page

Clan Registration

How do I register my clan for clan wars?
As long as one person from your clan associates their account with their Bungie account, the clan will automatically be registered to show in the leaderboards.
My clan is registered and I don’t want us to appear in the leaderboards. How can we be removed?
There isn't currently a way to verify the identity of an account with Bungie.net to determine if a person is the clan leader, so we do not support clans being removed from registration.
I registered my clan but we aren’t showing in the leaderboards. What’s wrong?
It can take up to an hour for a newly registered clan to begin stat tracking. We're grinding through lots of player and activity data, so sometimes it can take a bit to catch up.
My clan is on Xbox and Playstation. How does that work?
Players are combined into one roster. You will be competing as one unit.
The Last Played date doesn’t look to be accurate. Is this a bug?
On the Members tab of your clan you will see "Last Played" and "Last Event Activity". Last Played is when the player has last done anything in Destiny. Last Event Activity is the last time that the player has completed an activity that contributed towards Clan Wars. It's important to not only know is inactive, but also who is active and not helping the clan.
A clan mate is listed as "Private Account?" What does that mean?

You have the option to hide your account activity from people seeing your activity. If an account is not public, we can't get information needed for the event. To make the account public, log into Bungie.net and go to your Account > Settings > Linked Accounts and check the box that says "Display on public profile".

Please note: if an account is private and an event has already begun, changing to public WILL NOT include the account in the current event. The player will need to wait until the next event to participate.

Point Calculations and Tiers

How are points calculated?
The score you see at the end of an activity in the game is the base score. You will receive buffs and nerfs of that score based on various modifiers and clan member bonuses. You earn a bonus for each clan member you play with. Check the event information for modifier adjustments.
How are squad, platoon, and battalion split?

Squad: 1-35, Platoon: 36-65, Battalion: 66-100

When an event starts, a clan is registered to a tier. Any changes to the roster will not be reflected for the duration of the event.

It is crucial for clan leaders to kick inactive people from the clan or you will be inappropriately placed into a bracket.

I have noticed that some modifiers remove points. Can an activity be recorded with negative points?
Not typically. Standard events will not allow a score to be below 0. However, some events will be indicated as ‘hardcore’ that will allow negative points.
My clan member and I recently played together and he has a match that doesn't appear for me. Why?
Due to the timing of our updates, it is possible for a match to get pulled in for one person and not another during a single update run. Don't worry, if this happens, it will get pulled in for you after the next update. For a more visual representation of this, check out this image.
How often are scores updated and what do the "stages" mean?
The frequency between updates varies on how many clans are being tracked, how often people are playing the event type, and how quickly Bungie's servers are responding. It can take anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes.

  • Stage-1 - This is checking character data. The time it takes to complete this phase is based on how many characters we check, regardless of how much they actually play. You will see this part take longer if more clans are being tracked.
  • Stage-2 - This is looking at the detailed data for each activity we found (headshots, rocket kills, etc). You will see this part take longer if people are playing a bunch of the activity type.
  • Stage-3 - This is where it all comes together. For all of the stuff we just grabbed, we apply modifiers and give you and your clan a score. This is the fastest of the stages.


How long do events last?
They vary by event.
How often do events take place?
There is no set schedule. Check often for latest event information.


What are badges and how do I get them?
Clans and players are eligible to be awarded badges for accomplishing specific feats. Both clan and player badges are awarded at the end of each event.
Is there a complete list of badges somewhere?
A list of available badges can be found in our blog archive. See Clan Badges and Player Badges for the complete list.