March 2015 Survey ResponsePosted: 2015-04-02 13:17 UTCUpdated: 2015-04-03 22:30 UTC

We recently asked for your feedback and we got a ton of great information from you. Let's break it down.


We asked about PvE and it was about a 60/40 split with PvP favored more. It's coming, but we have a couple of other things that jumped above it in priority due to it's complexity. The data from PvE comes in as a different structure, so it's going to take a bit of time to do it right. We are just as excited about it as you guys, so we are hard at work to get as much done as quickly as we can.

Game Type:

We asked you what game type you liked most and 78% of you said control (7% clash and 15% salvage). Salvage is a bit hard because it isn't always available so we are going to evaluate the best way to do that, but we can't make any promises. Clash is easy to do, but it's pretty clear that it isn't favored, so we will limit the number of clash events.

Comment Section:

They are coming. They are in development right now and should be out in the next week or so.

Weekly vs Bi-weekly:

This was 56% in favor of weekly, so it was very close. For now, we will continue with weekly events. We are hoping that PvE will help break it up a bit so PvP would be bi-weekly.

Free Text Feedback:

We looked at everything entered, but these are the ones we wanted to address:

Current event, the 60% loss penalty should be applied AFTER death count penalty. Also, don't do loss penalties at all, they promote poor sportsmanship by leading to early quits.

We have all percentage modifiers applied before point based ones. There will be many more modifiers coming in the future and most of them will be positive instead of negative. Positive modifiers (like the existing clan member bonus) are favorable to be applied before points are reduced.

Also, the Sore Loser modifier is triggered for quitting. So if someone quits a match, we count that as a loss. We provided tool tips to help explain these, but we are going to make a dedicated page that explains each modifier to help prevent confusion.

Clearly the smaller groups are actually the more active groups. It might be worthwhile to making more tiers in the smaller clan range. Alternatively, it might be worth making splits based on the number of active users in an event.

Splitting into tiers has been a challenge for us because no matter how we slice it, some clans are always going to dominate. We talked about splitting it by active member count instead of total members, but that wouldn't have made a difference. The Battalion clans had way more active players than Squad clans, but the huge difference in score was two fold: 1) squad clans had less active players, but played a lot more matches and 2) squad clans played together while battalion clans mostly played alone.

I dont think the scoring system is fair because as long as you are a good team getting 1+ k/ds its literally all about how much you play not how good you are. I think you should do events running along side these events like a leaderboard for Average Clan K/D ect.

Yes, playing a lot is the best way to win, but make no mistake about it, skill plays a huge role in a player's efficiency at scoring points. A rolling leaderboard (say . . . rolling 90 days) sounds like a fantastic idea. We would compare normalized data, like K/D, win/loss, etc so all clans would compare against each other. That was added to our list and shouldn't be too hard to get done.

I would like to see a hardcore clan war mode. The scoring seems very easy. I want something that rewards the better players more. Also its annoying that the roster is locked when the clan wars started

Oh . . . hardcore is coming. It's already ready to go, we just haven't turned on a hardcore event yet. Perhaps you will see one soon . . .

Rosters are locked when an event starts to prevent clans from shifting tiers during an event. It also preventing clans from manipulating the roster to cheat the tier system. It's sad that we have to design with cheating in mind, but that's the unfortunate state of things.

Would like more clan stats - total time played, avgerage clan points per game (average any players ppg if they played more than x matches for the clan), etc.

Clan stats are coming. They have been on our list of things to do for a while.

Have had some scoring problems with clans getting matched against each other, causing the teammate buff to go over 100%.

This was a bug in the warm-up event that was fixed before the first real event. You shouldn't see this happening anymore.

Localized time would be helpful.

We've heard this a few times and we have already had conversations about how we want to do it. It's on the list, so stay tuned.

Too much penalization in games where you lose. Only games with 2-3 or more clanmates should count for Clan Wars standings.

We think losing should come with a bit of a sting. The sour makes the sweet taste sweeter :D. Clan wars most certainly encourages playing with clan members, but we want to include people that want to play alone. If you look at the top scoring clans, it's no secret that playing together is the key to winning.

Dude INTERVIEW the clans who won this week's events
Like Void or something, those mother f***ers got about 10 people and they're scoring more points than every other clan and Diffizzle alone racked up over 1 million points solo. S***'s outrageous and we need to get in touch with the winners. Make a hall of fame for clans and players, write articles and change the homepage up to shout out some clans and players. Say who won the last event on the homepage, and a small little box that says the current event too. But the big thing is when you go to the homepage it should be idolizing the people who won the last event, not pumping out the next event
also these events should be like monthly or something. No one is going to want to do this **** if it comes up every week

This was probably our favorite comment of the bunch. 10/10 would read again. Joking aside, it brought some great points that we heard from others as well and it all centers around the problem of recognition. You want to be recognized for you hard work, and we completely agree that you should. Based on several feedback like this, this has jumped in our priority. We are working on badges right now, first for clans, then individuals. How we recognize clans is going to be an ongoing discussion, but we think this is a good first step. (yes, badges will be retroactive)