Featuring Clan: Deflower SquadPosted: 2015-05-06 13:37 UTCUpdated: 2015-05-06 13:38 UTC

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Deflower Squad

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Tier Victories: 1
Supreme Victories: 1

Player Twitch Stream
Tolerance Clam toleranceclam
Tiingy tiingy1337
Gernader Jake Gernaderjake
DR ANTHRAXX dranthraxx
I TheHologram ithehologram
Omega Darklionz stephenhingerz

From the clan leaders:

Firstly, a special thanks to @Destinyclanwars for creating the site and giving us the chance to perform competitively across the universe, we have had lots of fun deflowering scrubs since we registered!!

So what's to know about the Deflower Squad? Well we are literally a tight-knit pvp based clan from all over the world that plays on xbox one, that actively enjoys playing crucible and developing ways to get better. Although we try hard to do the best we can,we like to think of ourselves as people who take things seriously, but not overly seriously because at the end of the day it's all about having fun!!

So how did it all start? Well basically like every other guardian, we started off as a very small group of people who wanted to find others to play crucible with, not even to form a clan, just so we didn't have to go deflower by ourselves!! After a few weeks of getting some of the 'regulars' together pretty much daily we decided to form our own clan. It was only after going on win streaks for hours at a time, and beating teams by ridiculous amounts that we came to the conclusion that we must be fairly good.

However unlike most clans, everyone inside Deflower Squad has a deep and mutual respect for eachother, and it's safe to say many friends have been made along our journey, which is one of the reasons why we play so consistently.

Getting to know Deflower Squad... Well to start with everyone in the clan is genuinely outgoing and fun to play with, I would love to mention everyone as it is a very much a team effort, and more people do deserve to be mentioned, but I want you to get to know some of the squad:

Floptimus Slime - flop is one of our admins and is decent through and through, he has been actively supporting the cause from the start and does not hesitate to get a hefty amount of score on the board.

Tiingy - one of the main admins from day one and a legend in the making, without him we wouldn't have the clan. Since he has been dominating games, and helping out with the clan. Anyone in the deflower squad wants tiingy in the team. Tiingy is a beast.

The Dalbear - another one of my admins and one of the most down to earth players there is. Not only will you enjoy playing with this guy, but he will help tear it up in pvp with you!!

Hologram - holo is one of the good spirits in the clan, not only does he actively try and get people more involved within deflower squad, he is constantly suggesting ways to improve.

Dake V2 - lastly but certainly not least, dake is one of the newest members but holy hell is he good. By himself he got over 1.5mill in this week's clan wars event. So a massive well done for him!!!

We have recently started streaming a lot more, our twitch accounts are linked to destinyclanwars, so if you fancy getting a taste, watch the streams or hit us up on bungie.net. Thanks for taking you're time to read about deflower squad, we look forward to killing you in the crucible!!!

Finally Just a little note to the deflower's reading this I want to personally say a huge congratulations for being the first team to break the 10million barrier in a single clan event, this week there has been a surge in activty and you have all been trying hard to make your own mark on iron banner/control.
A bloody good job well done guys let's make this a regular thing!! Deflower Squad all the way!! Omega out!! #DeflowerPower

Omega Darklionz (clan founder)