Iron Banner WoesPosted: 2015-06-08 00:51 UTCUpdated: 2015-06-08 01:09 UTC

This post is specific to event 12 and the problems we faced. Let's take a look at what happened and what it means for the future.

The event was fine for the first day or so, but we soon started seeing a massive slow down in our system trying to keep up. Matches were coming in faster than we could pull them.

You guys play a lot of Iron Banner . . . and I mean a LOT. In the same time that we pulled in the 60k matches for the PoE event, we pulled in 700k matches for Iron Banner. That's a massive amount of data and the database we had couldn't handle it. The solution was simple: buy a bigger database (which we did). The problem is the database is expensive and the ads don't cover it so it is just a temporary solution.

Quick Sidebar: PvP events are a lot more popular than PvE events and we are going to be adjusting the schedule a bit. Starting on the 16th, PvE events will be running in the middle of the week while PvP events will start on Fridays.

The Future:
Since ads don't cover the cost of the expensive database, the options are to show more ads or change how we do things. We are not a fan of the former, so some changes are incoming. There are some people that found our site, though it was cool enough to sign up, but don't come back. That means we are tracking their clan and no one in the clan actually uses the site, which means YOUR clan takes longer to get score updates.

Starting in a couple of weeks, we will be changing how clans get registered for an event. When we kick off a event, we will only be tracking clans that have had someone in the clan login within the last week. However, if they come back, they will get added to the event and they will get retroactive credit.

Thank you everyone for your patience during the event and dealing with the problems that we were facing.