June 12 Update NotesPosted: 2015-06-11 16:37 UTCUpdated: 2015-06-11 17:21 UTC

Release Date: 2015-06-12

Rolling Updates

We changed how our update process gets data. Previously it was based on the time of day. It would start at a set time every two hours. Once it finished, nothing was running to get updates until the next scheduled time. There was too much downtime, so we found a better way. Now, the update will be always running. As soon as it finishes one update, it will start again, resulting in faster update times with far less downtime.

Progress Report

One of the biggest requests we have seen is people wanting to know when it will update again. We've come through in spades for this request, delivering something far better than an ETA for the next refresh. You will now see a progress bar on the home page showing you exactly what phase of the process it is in.

  • Stage 1 - This is checking character data. The time it takes to complete this phase is based on how many characters we check, regardless of how much they actually play. You will see this part take longer if more clans are being tracked.
  • Stage 2 - This is looking at the detailed data for each activity we found (headshots, rocket kills, etc). You will see this part take longer if people are playing a bunch of the activity type.
  • Stage 3 - This is where it all comes together. For all of the stuff we just grabbed, we apply modifiers and give you and your clan a score. This is the fastest of the stages.

Event Registration

As mentioned in the previous blog post, someone in the clan must visit the site within the last 7 days for the clan to get tracked for an event. If you visit the site and an event is ongoing and you don't see your clan, it will be picked up at the completion of the next update.

Bug Fixes and Minor Tweaks

  • A new clan badge has been created titled "A Finer Cut". Your clan will earn this badge for placing within the top 5% of clans that participate in an event. This has been awarded retroactively for previous events.