The one about the score changesPosted: 2016-05-31 12:53 UTCUpdated: 2016-06-01 12:37 UTC

The one about the score changes

Last month we posted a survey floating the idea of changing the scoring to be a "top matches" formula instead of all matches. This idea was originally presented to us from a clan in the community in a slightly different manner and we tweaked it a bit before asking for your feedback.

Here at DCW, we have always wanted to host events in a way that ensures everyone in the clan can compete and feel like they are adding value to their clan. This is why we immediately dismiss ideas such as "top scorers for the clan" and "average score for the clan" and other ideas that would push lower performing members away. The "top matches" per member seemed like a good compromise so we wanted to see how you felt about it.

The Results Are In

31% of you said that you liked the idea of switching to a Top Matches while 56% wanted to keep it the same. This was rather surprising considering 60% of you consider yourself to be a 4 or 5 on the hardcore scale. As a result, we aren't going to be changing our formula because it's clear that's not what you want. Thank you everyone for your feedback on this.

Got any more of them modifiers?

As much as we love modifiers, it's a bit laborious to create new ones so it's good to see which ones you like and get suggestions from you. Below are some of the good ones that we'll make but we need some sweet names! Tweet @DestinyClanWars with some naming suggestions.

  • Multi Kill Modifier - Gain x% bonus for multi kills.
  • Orbs Generated - Gain x for each orb generated
  • Post Mortem - Gain x bonus for getting a post mortem
  • Kill Streak and Shut Down - gain x% for a kill streak or a shut down

Worth talking about

There were some great responses that just had to be shared:

"Deduct points for anyone killing someone after the match is over. Call it Sore Loser!"

Haha, that's awesome and would be really funny but it isn't in the data :( Also, we already have one called Sore Loser!

"I'd love to see a modifier named "It's called a Primary!" grants +20% for each primary kill and -20% for secondary and heavy kills."

That's really creative and would be a ton of fun, but the way Bungie handles weapon data is a pain. They don't have "primary" and "secondary" weapon in the data, we would have to manually add auto rifles, scout rifles, etc for primary kills and some weapons like Vex would register as a secondary. It would just be too much of a pain to maintain :(

"Chicken Nuggets"

Stay in school kids and just say 'no' to drugs.

"Our clan will not update to our new name on your website."

This has just recently been fixed! Clan names now automatically update.

"Having this whole padding of scores before a DCW banned. For example in Iron Banner clash or rift if we play regular rift or clash before Iron Banner starts then our scores are being added to the DCW. If you are caught doing this ban those clans."

We will do better at having these start at the same time of IB to help prevent getting an early start.

"Roster lock is pretty early on Monday. Could a hard time be listed on DCW website for when members need to be in a clan to count?"

It's not so simple because it runs through every clan and takes quite some time. The update begins at 3am EST every day. . . If you make changes after 3am, they may or may not be reflected.

"Don't punish clans for having inactive members."

Clan admins are responsible for making sure they don't have dead weight in the clan. There was once a discussion of basing your tier on active members but it would result in less control of the clan admins.

"When trying to load the menu during any sort of match, the wait time is ridiculous! I should not have to wait longer then a few seconds to be able to change weapons or use heavy ammo synthesis."

. . . OK . . .

"We need more maps desperately and hopefully temporal changes to all maps - night/day/rain/snow/fog."

And another . . . What's going on here? Bungie has yet to contact us to do map design for them.

"Better drop rates but I know that isn't your department…"

We'll get right on it, right after we make the menus faster and add more maps.

If anyone at Bungie is reading this, we’d love to take your money. Don’t know how much we could help you though...