April Connection IssuesPosted: 2015-04-03 23:50 UTCUpdated: 2015-04-04 02:22 UTC

Bungie has reached out to us because they are not comfortable with the number of requests we are sending for data. We have been trying to work with them to come to a solution, but before we could reach a resolution we were blocked to prevent problems in their database. This resulted in scores not being updated on our site.

We are hard at work to try to restore this connection issue, but over the weekend, you may see very few updates or none at all. We will be posting updates on Twitter as much as we can. Keep playing and rest assured, your matches will count whenever we can update.

Edit 8:45pm EDT:
We have been unblocked by Bungie for now. We have drastically scaled back the frequency of updates to prevent permanent blockage. We will be unable to work with Bungie any further until Monday, so we are keeping it in low gear to prevent being blocked the entire weekend. On Monday, we will try to work with them to gradually increase our update frequency to make sure we are updating at a balanced level.

Edit 9:45pm EDT:
We greatly appreciate the support from our community during this situation. The Bungie employee that has been in contact with us is very supportive of our efforts and is glad that we are providing the Clan Wars service, so please understand that they are not trying to rain on our parade. Bungie is very generous by providing publicly available APIs, so we just need to make sure that we can come to a solution that works for everyone. They are interested in helping us make our service even better and we couldn't be happier to hear that.