September 2016 ChangesPosted: 2016-09-27 12:25 UTC

Rise of Iron has been released and we have been hard at work making some enhancements so let's get into it.

Supremacy is here

A very obvious addition is for us to support the new game mode of Supremacy. It's important to note that Supremacy and Supremacy Rumble come in the same data feed so we have no easy way to tell them apart right now. Bungie is aware of the issue and it sounds like they are going to split them in the future.

New Modifiers

Supered - get super kills to add a bonus % to your score. (Who's laughing now bubble farmers?)

Striker - Rush and get the first kill to get a very hefty % bonus to your score.

Kill Confirmed - Collect the crest of your opponents to get points. A very important distinction with this modifier that is unlike other point based modifiers, like The Morgue, is that these points are added BEFORE the percent based modifiers (Kills and Assists for Elimination are also like this). This had to be done due to the very low scoring nature of the game mode.

The Death of Last Gen

The score update process has to check the activity of every character and it turns out, a lot of the characters have been deleted over time but we are still checking them. One person had 43 deleted characters….I have no explanation. We are wasting a lot of time checking these characters so we are now flagging deleted characters and skipping them. As a result, this will cause last gen characters to be flagged as deleted because Bungie no longer supports the specific API that we need (new characters weren't getting picked up anyway). Let's all observe a moment of silence for guardians still playing on Xbox 360 and PS3…