April 14th 2015 Patch NotesPosted: 2015-04-14 16:43 UTCUpdated: 2015-04-14 17:11 UTC

Release Date: 2015-04-14


Clans will now be awarded badges at the end of each event. They have already been awarded retroactively, so check out your clan page by clicking "My Clan" to see if you have earned any. For a complete list of available badges, check out a detailed list here.

On the home page, the Previous Event card will highlight some of the badges. Please note that this is not an all inclusive list of badges that were awarded for the event. Some badges are only awarded to one clan per event and some are awarded to several clans; we are only displaying badges that get awarded to a single clan. Make sure to check the My Clan page after an event ends to see what badges your clan has earned.


A new leaderboard page has been created that shows K/D, W/L, and average points per match for each clan. Since these are all averages, all clans are displayed together in one rolling 60 day leaderboard. Please note: we are only using data from events, so any games you play outside of an event will not count towards this data. Clans also must have at least 25 matches in the last 60 days to appear in the leaderboard.

Inactive Players

To help make our data pulls more efficient, inactive players (14+ days of not playing Destiny) will no longer be included in our hourly updates. As a result, if they decide to jump back in and start playing, it might take up to 24 hours for their activity to start appearing for an event. What does this mean for the typical active player? Not a whole lot. You might see a little less lag time in matches being posted.

Bug Fixes and Minor Tweaks

  • It was a little tough navigating from an event-clan page to the clan profile page (specifically for previous events). We added a link for easy navigation.
  • Pages were taking a while to load when there were a lot of comments. Some optimizations have been made to make this quicker.

Coming Next

We have been releasing updates every week and we are going to try to continue with that schedule as much as we can, but our next release is going to require a lot of development and testing as we start pulling and running PvE events. As a result, the next update might not be ready next week, but the week after; follow us on Twitter to keep up with our progress. This next release will also have individual player badges, so it will be a big one.