April 2015 Survey ResponsePosted: 2015-04-23 21:00 UTC

We recently asked for your feedback and we got a ton of great information from you. Let's break it down.

Clan Challenges:

We wanted to see what you thought of clans being able to set their own challenges during an event and the response was overwhelmingly supportive of it. Of all the questions we have asked so far, this one has rated the highest, so we have already been having conversations on how this is going to work. One clan will be able to challenge another clan and set the start/end time of the challenge (within the existing event). If both clans agree to the challenge, we will pit you up against each other to see who can score the most points in the configured timeframe. This is going to take a good chunk of time, so don't expect this to be done in just couple of weeks. This will be a phased approach. Phase one will require the challenges to run alongside the existing events, with the existing modifiers on the same game mode. Assuming we don't have performance issues, phase two would allow clans to select the event mode and even apply their own modifiers.


We wanted to gauge your thoughts on a potential tournament setup where we would have a bracket spanning several weeks. This got a very positive response, but it was about a 50/50 split for them being paid. Tournaments have a great potential and we are going to be exploring the best way to get them done, but it seems more people are interested in the clan challenges, so tournaments will be coming sometime after that.


We asked your opinion about running the nightfall several times for the sake of clan wars and the response was pretty lukewarm to the idea. We have the ability to do nightfall events but it doesn't seem like a 4 day event would be that popular. We might do a one day event on a Tuesday since a lot of people do it on the reset anyway. The future for nightfall isn't clear at the moment.

Free Text Feedback:

We looked at everything entered, but these are the ones we wanted to address:

Time for pve events.

We very much agree, which is why they are coming very soon.

Add a link so I can view all the clan badges, anywhere. Doesn't matter where. The only place I can find the link for all the badges was on that news post. Add a link to the blog post archive. Can't find that either.

We did a blog post when we released the badges and we can add a link to it in the FAQ as well. However, previous blog posts can always be found by clicking the link in the footer.

A statistic to see how many events your clan has participated in would be nice. I know there is badges that tell you ʺYour clan has participated in at least 1 clan eventʺ, and at the moment there's only been like five and I can count up to five, but eventually I'm going to lose track.

Adding detailed analytics is certainly something on our radar and has been since early in development. Sadly, other things have taken priority. We are expecting to be able to work on this soon.

I don't understand why clan roster changes are disabled. If new members come, why don't they just start at 0 score? and change to platoon/squad/batallion if they no longer meet the member requirement. Also, if a member drops out of his clan so does his score. I see no reason this would be unfair.

We don't want clans shifting tiers in the middle of an event because that would be very unfair to other clans in that tier. If they are winning their tier and in the 11th hour another clan appears out of nowhere and is suddenly ahead of them, that would not be a good experience. The decision to lock rosters was originally done when we thought that clan size was going to be a big factor on scores, but as we can see, that isn't the case. We are exploring new options to adjust our tier structure.

When I go to my account, ʺDestiny Charactersʺ at the bottom doesn't update correctly. When I deleted my titan and replaced it with a brand new level 4 hunter, it now says I have 4 characters including my deleted titan and my new hunter. I also don't understand why my characters are even listed. If you're using that list of characters to grab data from, you're pulling extra requests from Bungie by having that deleted character. Or by pulling data from the characters I don't use that much but once every month.

Thank you for reporting that bug, we are not handling character deletions at the moment.

Chatbox on the website instead of event comment box? I already know you were having problems with the comments due to so many being added, (pages of comments would've fixed this) but a chatbox would also be beneficial. Comments on the events should be people trash talking or giving feedback on the events rather than just talking.

Comments were already 'paged' in a fashion. We only load 50 comments and after that, there is a link to load more. The performance issue wasn't due to a lack of paging, but it has been resolved. We haven't deleted any comments (other than duplicates) so if clans aren't trash talking enough, that isn't on us ;). In terms of a chat box, it seems that it would duplicate a lot of the purpose of the comments. There is a pretty clear distinction between forums and a chatbox, but our comments section feels like a hybrid of the two.

Have a continuous survey link at the bottom of the website and collect the feedback every week and select the feedback every week that is the coolest to blog post about, and respond to that feedback just like you did last survey. I feel like a lot of the suggestions I have I can't tell you guys just because every time there's a survey I scramble to think of all the suggestions I can give at the time because I know the survey will be gone soon.

The primary purpose of the survey is to gauge the opinion about specific topics so our priorities can be adjusted appropriately if needed. However, we are always open to suggestions and feedback through comments, twitter, facebook, or email. Some of our changes were a direct result from feedback through those other channels, so if there is something on your mind, don't feel the need to wait until the next survey.

Speed runs > Most nightfalls played.

Speed runs would be a neat addition, however it is not something that could have been easily added to fit our existing framework in a reasonable time. This is something we will most certainly be keeping in mind for future additions.

Maybe a tournament where if you lose three/five games you no longer rack up points for your clan and are no longer being stat tracked for the duration of the event. A real, competitive event.

Events last 4 days and it would be a very bad experience if you were knocked out after 10 matches or so. There are some really competitive clans that can go the entire event with only losing 5 matches, but the typical win ratio is around 50% so that wouldn't be fun for them. We will never create a situation in which someone can no longer participate. However, there are other ways of bringing competition.

We want to do tournaments in the future, but it would be running alongside of the normal event so even if a clan is knocked out of the tournament, they are still able to compete in the standard event.

When you lose a match you're deducted the amount of average points for a regular win. This method of losing score would even the playing field for big clans vs small clans, so that big clans can't just get several more wins based off their member count.

The size of the clans aren't a problem in terms of competitiveness for an event. The smaller clans are racking up more points than the larger clans. If you look at the highest scoring clans in the recent events (like Void, NXT, Arc II, Clan Rejects, etc) they are not only small and highly active, but have an amazing win ratio, so this method would not greatly impact the competitiveness of the events. Rest assured, we are working on some other ideas to make events more competitive for the other clans, including clan vs clan challenges.