April 29th 2015 Patch NotesPosted: 2015-04-29 13:38 UTCUpdated: 2015-04-29 13:50 UTC

Release Date: 2015-04-29

Player Badges

A couple of weeks ago we introduced clan badges, and now we have player badges! These badges are designed to promote competition between clan members so you will be compared ONLY to your clan mates when these badges are awarded. That means to get the badge for the highest K/D, you only need to beat everyone in your clan, not everyone on the site. For a complete list of available badges, click here.

To see what badges you have earned, we have created a new player profile page with badges and other stats. To get there, click on your name in the right corner and you will see a link. You can also see this page for anyone in your clan by clicking on their name in the clan roster (on the 'Members' tab).


With this latest release, we are now supporting PvE events! The functionality will exist in the current framework (for the time being), which means you play and rack up points. Strike PvE events will be alternating weeks with PvP events.

Twitch Integration

We've got a lot of streamers in our community and we are going to support them on our site. Head over to the My Account page and give us your Twitch username. If you are broadcasting and playing Destiny, you will appear in our marquee so others can see that you are online. People can watch your stream and even use the Twitch chat right from our site!

Bug Fixes and Minor Tweaks

  • Empty comments can no longer be submitted.
  • You can now reply to specific comments.
  • Similar to how we highlight your clan in lists, we are now highlighting you as an individual.
  • There was an error on the player event page when the player didn't have any matches for the event. This has been fixed.

Coming Next

We have quite a long list of things we would like to add to the site, ranging from PvE speed runs to detailed clan statistics to clan challenges. In addition to new features, we are also re-evaluating our tier structure by using our existing data to see if we can come up with a better way of splitting clans.

As House of Wolves rapidly approaches, we are looking forward to quickly support the new types of content (Trials of Osiris and Prison of Elders). Since we are unsure of the details, what data can be reported to us, etc we can't provide any specific turn around time for it.