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SIVA StrikesPlay SIVA strikes or any strike 42 or higher


Clan Event Leaderboard

Most MatchesDevils Minion21 (3)
Most PointsDevils Minion21 (86960)
Highest K/DNeed 15 match(es) to qualify
Highest Win %Need 15 match(es) to qualify
Highest PPMNeed 15 match(es) to qualify

Clan: Double Dip Squad

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Name Bungie Id Console Score Matches PPM Last Played
JLai814294216XBOX000No Activity
I3L00DFAM4956564XBOX000No Activity
Seranex4109564XBOX000No Activity
darF niveK4684819XBOX000No Activity
Fredrichall4168282XBOX000No Activity
CHRISY59433XBOX000No Activity
DynamiteFrog4710387002XBOX000No Activity
JustCooLpOOLe7993729XBOX000No Activity
LordoftheKeys7466915XBOX000No Activity
dzillo6710040XBOX000No Activity
StumpyJoeChilds7183060XBOX000No Activity
Jesterretsej6968841538XBOX000No Activity
Hymany Hawks9636104XBOX000No Activity
DJ1810729059341XBOX000No Activity
FISTSofTHANOS10450427XBOX000No Activity
Devils Minion2110797785XBOX86,960328,9872017-06-13
UnwornAuto310623311XBOX000No Activity
Cheeto236911032415XBOX000No Activity
SlinkingTuba32310886684XBOX000No Activity
Meatball 211211323167XBOX000No Activity
ActvZ12370634XBOX000No Activity
DJ1810729059341PS000No Activity