Previous Event(Jun 13 13:00 UTC - Jun 16 11:00 UTC)


SIVA StrikesPlay SIVA strikes or any strike 42 or higher


Clan Event Leaderboard

Most MatchesMR8535 (2)
Most PointsOFFICER_SAGNUTZ (61015)
Highest K/DNeed 15 match(es) to qualify
Highest Win %Need 15 match(es) to qualify
Highest PPMNeed 15 match(es) to qualify

Clan: DoD Public Enemy

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Name Bungie Id Console Score Matches PPM Last Played
rystae4820653PS000No Activity
Colts873853990PS000No Activity
mohawk1guy4550488PS000No Activity
kyotic15025757PS000No Activity
Xrossface4582178PS000No Activity
The Orange6256898PS000No Activity
TNTSRT12518497XBOX000No Activity
JPizzle7579345285PS000No Activity
thearchaic16747936PS000No Activity
SykBasterd6888029PS000No Activity
Jay20957504905PS000No Activity
projimg8118335PS000No Activity
DayyyLaaaDx9019325PS000No Activity
Beefsword0079099232PS000No Activity
brcgreen9576230PS000No Activity
fyu4209870274PS000No Activity
AntagonistME13646881PS000No Activity
mistasulu111036063PS000No Activity
pushingink62012258646PS000No Activity
TNTSRT12518497PS000No Activity
x0311xdragarn13008869PS000No Activity
IHaveBadElo13067719PS000No Activity
Axa03179113701408PS000No Activity