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SIVA StrikesPlay SIVA strikes or any strike 42 or higher


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Most Matchesjudeandseb1 (6)
Most Pointsjudeandseb1 (122295)
Highest K/DNeed 15 match(es) to qualify
Highest Win %Need 15 match(es) to qualify
Highest PPMNeed 15 match(es) to qualify

Clan: This ls The One

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Name Bungie Id Console Score Matches PPM Last Played
Northernbloke814131026PS000No Activity
RobGee19724664114PS000No Activity
Btilc-17829613PS000No Activity
Alan Morrison7018449PS000No Activity
obe130911963796PS000No Activity
murphster_matt9193413PS000No Activity
Frostse9348991PS000No Activity
itz_jst_Al14699079PS000No Activity