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Iron BannerScore points by completing control matches during Iron Banner.


Clan Event Leaderboard

Most MatchesKaide-4 (6)
Most PointsMusicAndGaming (21685)
Highest K/DNeed 15 match(es) to qualify
Highest Win %Need 15 match(es) to qualify
Highest PPMNeed 15 match(es) to qualify

Clan: Raid3rz of the Lost Light

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Name Bungie Id Console Score Matches PPM Last Played
Ganty1014214993PS000No Activity
CryLikeUCare 4653919PS000No Activity
xXEzChzy333Xx5672673PS000No Activity
scormier877556691PS000No Activity
weeddog928768191PS000No Activity
lane_bud2411657866PS000No Activity
envy_me_7029396565PS000No Activity
Double_u_Deuce9255352PS000No Activity
useredd10010894PS000No Activity
PillowSlobber11681083PS000No Activity
hodor11198711128195PS000No Activity
jonboy867710945585PS000No Activity
awesome_girl_60014891505PS000No Activity
Maximus71_12997822PS000No Activity
SPD_Charge14670851PS000No Activity
Ultimateemoboy_E14551611PS000No Activity