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  • Battalion
  • Platoon
  • Squad
Rank Clan Current Score Active Members Total Members
1Order of Lasting Light15,652,2123978
2Brave hearts of destiny13,090,2884090
3Bright Sparkz12,126,9214394
4The Power Galactic5,625,1342190
5DoD Lost Boys5,579,7952095
6The Power Cosmic3,736,5221572
7Unknown Redux2,969,63423100
9SEO Sith2,786,2002197
10Immortalis Rising2,634,5611881
11Alliterate Soldiers2,632,5581692
12Alliterate Soldiers II2,467,6351168
13LGN Wolfpack2,312,92014100
14Hive Hunterz2,164,8151495
15Wolves Of Parnassus1,962,3371974
16Heathens and Kings1,892,2301877
17Gettin Nuttin Done1,821,6121386
18The Revolution Rises1,741,2981491
19Black Knights of Nine1,586,7751875
20Band of Fathers1,427,1802186
21Soldiers of 7ight1,402,5101287
22The Goon Dock Saints1,273,1061388
23DoD X1 Foxtrot1,163,88510100
24DoD West Coast PS41,089,8371295
25The 100 Hero Squad922,8051284
27The Inglorious DoDsters845,0401378
28DadsOfDestiny Legacy783,1781576
29Inebriated Sobriety714,4541198
30DoD Brotherhood Ascending652,9751380
31DoD United581,58513100
32Dads of Destiny UK PS4548,8401388
33DoD WARLORDS517,1421288
34DadsofDestiny The B Team393,514967
35Heroes of the Six Fronts327,300894
36Soldiers of the Phoenix288,235587


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2017-03-20 10:02:02
But I will say GG and good run we will see yang in the next one guys
2017-03-20 19:02:56
You all*
2017-03-20 09:50:53
Too Funny Guys GGs
2017-03-19 23:32:30
;) xoxoxoxo
2017-03-19 23:22:09
@order of lasting light why you intimidated by a squad? Did it really take a small group to wake your battalion up and light a fire under your A**??! Awww baby gurl we letting you have this one
2017-03-20 00:46:58
you obviously dont check over our way often, mostly smash our bracket
2017-03-20 00:58:29
Don't need to check because we just got on to the scene and now you want to really grind for it lol 25+ to a 9 team squad lol good luck in that joskyn ;)
2017-03-19 23:19:14
[comment deleted]
2017-03-19 20:13:42
@ SUNBAG All gone quite ? are you guys sleeping !!!! Supreme Victory My AR*E !! : )
2017-03-19 23:21:53
[comment deleted]
2017-03-19 23:22:34
We have more important interclan matters to deal with bruh, we decided to let you guys have this one. #charity
2017-03-20 00:44:51
we own this one, for sure. see you on the next one Guardians!
2017-03-17 20:13:03
Hey SUNBAG What you saying ???
2017-03-17 22:02:06
Gotta poke the competition somehow lol. Quality over quantity xD
2017-03-17 14:47:26
Subag coming for that reigning Supreme Victory in PvP events.
2017-03-17 15:53:57
confident!! we will see at the end who is victorious
2017-03-17 16:28:47
Crazy shout this early guys !! We will see eh ;)
2017-03-17 23:34:08
just trying to get some friendly competition goin ;) gg, may the best clan win!