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SIVA StrikesPlay SIVA strikes or any strike 42 or higher

  • Battalion
  • Platoon
  • Squad
Rank Clan Current Score Active Members Total Members
1Order of Lasting Light9,006,0593579
2Brave hearts of destiny4,204,7093893
3Alliterate Soldiers4,178,7902892
4Bright Sparkz4,147,3953787
5The Solar Syndicate3,915,7334597
6Wolves Of Parnassus3,848,2222379
7Heathens and Kings3,518,3983380
8SEO Sith3,142,0632596
9The Revolution Rises3,137,5822895
10DoD United3,072,57930100
11Immortalis Rising3,003,0222481
12Universo Destiny PS42,996,9223466
13Band of Fathers2,694,1442384
14DadsOfDestiny Legacy2,658,8342876
15DoD Lost Boys2,407,3072195
16Inebriated Sobriety2,076,4861198
17Dads of Destiny UK PS42,013,5402589
18The 100 Hero Squad1,916,0591884
19Hive Hunterz1,858,4951795
20The Power Galactic1,718,1911585
21LGN Wolfpack1,698,55918100
22Unknown Redux1,671,82622100
23Gettin Nuttin Done1,618,1353087
24DoD Brotherhood Ascending1,594,4511580
26The Inglorious DoDsters1,395,9591878
27DadsofDestiny The B Team1,325,6031669
28The Power Cosmic1,189,3711571
29Alliterate Soldiers II1,013,2151668
30Soldiers of the Phoenix747,8551589
31DoD WARLORDS490,0401592
32DoD X1 Foxtrot438,40911100


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2017-03-23 09:03:41
What no challengers for Supreme Strikes !!!???