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ControlScore points by completing control matches.

  • Battalion
  • Platoon
  • Squad
Rank Clan Current Score Active Members Total Members
1Order of Lasting Light3,437,4463478
2Immortalis Rising1,956,8803781
3Brave hearts of destiny1,298,6271994
4Heathens and Kings1,241,6091978
5The Solar Syndicate528,9561397
7DadsOfDestiny Legacy500,8491776
8The Inglorious DoDsters431,4541378
9DoD Lost Boys398,790595
10Alliterate Soldiers378,5171592
11Band of Fathers365,7181384
12Bright Sparkz342,2111485
13DadsofDestiny The B Team319,7811469
14Unknown Redux316,88318100
15SEO Sith275,5331296
16LGN Wolfpack272,6838100
17The Secret Prototype215,186796
18Dads of Destiny UK PS4187,029788
19Wolves Of Parnassus161,9031079
20DoD X1 Foxtrot144,76311100
21Inebriated Sobriety142,107698
22The Power Cosmic137,269671
23The Power Galactic128,681584
24Alliterate Soldiers II117,940568
25Universo Destiny PS4113,513966
26The Revolution Rises96,946595
27Hive Hunterz93,209895
28DoD United76,36910100
29Soldiers of the Phoenix64,384589
30DoD WARLORDS57,301493
31South Pacific Destroyers32,830396
32DoD West Coast PS422,903295
33DoD Brotherhood Ascending6,400180


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