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ControlScore points by completing control matches.

  • Battalion
  • Platoon
  • Squad
Rank Clan Current Score Active Members Total Members
1Immortalis Rising2,059,3525581
2Brave hearts of destiny1,612,2435697
3Unknown Redux1,412,09049100
4Bright Sparkz1,256,1836190
5Order of Lasting Light1,225,6284776
6Heathens and Kings1,186,1665385
7DoD West Coast PS41,069,0493695
8South Pacific Destroyers984,6313597
9Band of Fathers930,0674479
10Alliterate Soldiers918,8513390
11The Secret Prototype886,6854783
12Seraphim Elite830,71239100
13SEO Sith787,3203395
14The Revolution Rises762,7094397
15DoD United682,92642100
16DoD X1 Foxtrot613,1103096
17DoD WARLORDS569,6042996
18DoD Lost Boys554,4943798
19Dads of Destiny UK PS4496,4743688
20Universo Destiny PS4453,4103671
21The Power Galactic442,7732791
22The 100 Hero Squad439,7222784
23DoD Brotherhood Ascending432,4282781
25Wolves Of Parnassus405,9363583
26DadsofDestiny The B Team403,0152570
27Hive Hunterz388,4032195
28Two Thralls One Challice372,4441768
29DoD WESTSIDE PRIME252,3151767
30Empyrean Order196,4482382
31Inebriated Sobriety82,4251599
32DadsOfDestiny Battleborn62,528586


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2017-04-01 14:20:03
Diknak!!! Is it true bungie bought clan wars?
2017-03-31 20:30:19
lol has clash ever not been a playlist? lol...ok. let me switch this to control
2017-03-31 13:35:52
So will there be crucible wars this week
2017-03-30 15:51:01
Oooh. Going postal and double down. Keep up the good work diknak!
2017-03-30 15:51:18
*and other admins