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SIVA StrikesPlay SIVA strikes or any strike 42 or higher

  • Battalion
  • Platoon
  • Squad
Rank Clan Current Score Active Members Total Members
1Heathens and Kings7,606,3075983
2Too old to care6,484,9933668
3Brave hearts of destiny4,420,3515497
4Seraphim Elite3,653,7663699
5Order of Lasting Light3,449,3713475
6DoD United3,248,44439100
7Universo Destiny PS43,241,9633876
8The Revolution Rises2,960,1803994
9DoD Lost Boys2,803,3883298
10Alliterate Soldiers2,618,3253189
11SEO Sith2,585,0483697
12Dads of Destiny UK PS42,536,2923087
13Wolves Of Parnassus2,349,2663081
14South Pacific Destroyers2,243,73439101
15DoD WARLORDS2,234,6743197
16Inebriated Sobriety2,152,7442399
17Bright Sparkz2,100,7654692
18Unknown Redux2,060,48435100
19DoD X1 Foxtrot2,019,1393696
20The 100 Hero Squad1,918,1622686
21Band of Fathers1,815,8463881
22Empyrean Order1,734,3762773
24The Power Galactic1,631,0492890
25Band of Fathers III1,505,3562294
26DoD WESTSIDE PRIME1,477,6422767
27Hive Hunterz1,437,0372195
28DadsofDestiny The B Team1,328,3552570
29DoD West Coast PS41,277,9292995
30Warlocks Cant Jump PS41,211,4852496
31Uprising Warmind Black1,191,19124100
32Warlocks Cant Jump XB11,032,1012094


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