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Rank Clan Current Score Active Members Total Members
1Too old to care1,053,5072967
2Band of Fathers979,1923584
3Order of Lasting Light769,0973473
4Brave hearts of destiny748,6883797
5Unknown Redux613,94441100
6Empyrean Order566,7993482
7Heathens and Kings557,7833279
8DoD United528,52235100
9DoD X1 Foxtrot491,4592597
10The Power Galactic475,2192093
11Warlocks Cant Jump XB1473,3892894
12DoD West Coast PS4451,5532696
13Hive Hunterz407,4442587
14South Pacific Destroyers405,3932398
15The Revolution Rises395,0722895
16DoD WARLORDS394,3862893
17Warlocks Cant Jump PS4386,0392498
18Uprising Warmind Black375,09921100
19Universo Destiny PS4371,8653179
20FoF House of WAR362,5301987
21Wolves Of Parnassus353,2091882
22SEO Sith342,2992097
23DoD Lost Boys338,8872098
24Old Man Clan319,9792490
25Dads of Destiny UK PS4314,0992188
26Band of Fathers II308,9791397
27DadsofDestiny The B Team308,7781970
28Lethal Crisis300,9582588
30DadsOfDestiny Legacy278,7712473
31DoD WESTSIDE PRIME248,1861267
32The 100 Hero Squad234,0221586
33DoD Brotherhood Ascending227,1002080
34Band of Fathers III225,5421494
35Inebriated Sobriety181,9541299
36Immortalis Rising177,6991580
37Blueberry Muffins97,910967
38The Pot Noodle Posse95,7301099
39Uprising Dads91,300883
41DadsOfDestiny Battleborn63,739585
42DoD West Legends44,484384
43Dads of Destiny X1 Euro37,048171
44DoD Guardian Down7,609176
45Venezuela Alpha4,708188


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2017-04-12 17:44:54
Can anyone elaborate on the "issue challenge" feature"?