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Iron BannerScore points by completing control matches during Iron Banner.

  • Battalion
  • Platoon
  • Squad
Rank Clan Current Score Active Members Total Members
1Band of Fathers41,641,1498998
2Unknown Redux38,604,18291100
3Uprising Warmind Black22,664,8447293
4Destiny Dads YOLO16,430,92071100
5Lethal Crisis15,523,36397104
6Old Man Clan15,376,0018298
7Iron Orange 1st Bn15,287,2226397
8Immortalis Rising15,252,1757183
9X1 Light15,043,9346592
10Ravens of the Realm14,288,6777591
11DoD United13,295,34968100
12DoD Lost Boys11,872,0956698
13The Speakers Secret Stash11,569,7387399
14Order of Lasting Light11,487,1915973
15DadsOfDestiny Legacy11,219,9544975
16Warlocks Cant Jump XB111,211,5896196
17DoD X1 Foxtrot11,132,9965897
18Brave hearts of destiny11,069,7856896
19DoD West Coast PS410,967,6386595
20The Pot Noodle Posse10,940,7907599
21Foxtrot United10,934,4585491
22LGN Wolfpack10,846,8406799
23Warlocks Cant Jump PS49,912,3665995
25High Command Mk II9,583,7835997
26DoD Ronin9,501,5796199
27Heathens and Kings9,318,6127181
28The Solar Syndicate9,266,6767299
29DoD Graveyard Shift9,244,6735788
30Hive Hunterz9,033,0664990
31Dads of Destiny UK PS49,002,2555891
32DadsofDestiny The B Team8,839,7154970
33League of Mature Gamers8,334,5824795
34DoD Brotherhood Ascending8,198,1984982
35FoF House of WAR8,166,8284887
36The Revolution Rises8,040,0896094
37Soldiers of 7ight7,847,8465692
38Blueberry Muffins7,817,3374369
39Banana Van7,749,0075377
40Universo Destiny PS47,467,9756181
42The 100 Hero Squad6,957,3944885
43Stubborn Old Raiders II6,787,9804791
44South Pacific Destroyers6,471,7825099
45The Resistance II6,446,7783487
46Destiny Collective6,405,1774170
47DoD WESTSIDE PRIME6,355,4604171
48Too old to care6,174,9014567
49Knights of the Phoenix6,163,3715486
50Alliterate Soldiers5,958,2084375
52High Command 15,368,5823875
53The Power Galactic5,210,9074593
54Heroes of the Six Fronts5,069,0984495
55LGN Ghost5,005,6163280
56Inebriated Sobriety4,665,9483398
58Waltz of the Abyss4,390,9174085
59Hive Hunterz Iron Lordz4,356,1793887
60Travelers Dead Ghost4,282,2722778
61Band of Fathers III4,273,3253393
62Band of Fathers II4,194,6163596
63DadsOfDestiny Military4,151,4342670
64Dads Of Destiny Canada4,100,5142887
66DoD West Legends3,963,8442785
67Stubborn Old Raiders3,730,3253593
68DoD Guardian Down3,649,8592376
69Leerroyyy Jenkins3,470,0712971
70Speakers Secret Stash XB13,282,5453394
71Reddit Dads X3,093,6212893
72DadsOfDestiny Battleborn3,078,3082483
73Alliterate Soldiers II3,019,2863168
74Dads Doghouse Aeris2,631,8062579
75Wolves Of Parnassus2,397,3493071
76Delta Company 2122,395,3493194
77Speakers 2nd Stash XB12,277,0802366
78Dads of Destiny X1 Euro2,250,7141873
80Touch My Malice 1st1,819,6993470
81Venezuela Alpha1,682,8071488
82DAT BOI GARY1,527,1972067
83Xbox One Destiny Adults330,237982


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2017-04-18 05:21:28
Congrats DoD Iron Warlords!! Well done! You gave us hell trying to catch you all week. Until next time...
2017-04-18 09:05:49
Great performance from yourselves also, well done! Massive congrats to the dames for doing so well on their first visit to platoon. They pushed really hard all week and have some amazing scores! Next time everyone!
2017-04-18 14:00:42
Great job all! You certainly kept the pressure on. Good times and looking forward to the next one!
2017-04-18 04:40:46
BoF, on behalf of all Redux members, congrats on a supreme victory! Not quite sure how you all did it but as always it was a good competition. GG boys, GG
2017-04-18 04:57:04
Agreed, great push those last couple of days especially. Always a great competition with you boys in it
2017-04-18 13:01:38
Thanks fellas, yall never make it easy we enjoy the great comp
2017-04-17 07:12:46
Nice grinding by Redux top 6 & Warmwind top 3! Congrats on that Million pt club
2017-04-17 12:12:07
Great push from you BoF boys yesterday!
2017-04-16 15:34:32
Why are redux points updating but mine often do scores update
2017-04-16 18:25:49
Illuminati confirmed
2017-04-16 18:27:25
Cooking books confirmed lol
2017-04-16 19:09:04
Diknak also looks after Trumps tax return too
2017-04-17 01:26:50
Don't worry BoF. You've got it in the bag. No need to play anymore banner. Just go finish that new 390 raid before reset!
2017-04-17 05:12:37
I heard they have a new exotic if you detonate 20 bombs same time
2017-04-15 21:38:32
I just wanna give a shout to our second clan for being in the top ten!! Way to go guys. Redux ftw!!!
2017-04-14 20:32:19
What is the max amount of clan mates you can have on a platoon and Squad before being pushed to the next division?
2017-04-15 02:21:59
Squad: 1-35, Platoon: 36-65, Battalion: 66-100
2017-04-14 12:42:01
alright, we made some tweaks and it should be faster and we should see scores getting updated faster.
2017-04-14 19:00:21
Thanks Diknak for doing what you do, much appreciated!!
2017-04-14 07:46:45
up at the top of page where it says current event... I just had a block that said update with stage 1 stage 2 stage 3 and it was half way through stage 2 then disappeared , still no updated scores lol
2017-04-14 07:18:19
Diknak, I think I speak for a lot of the clans when I say this. It's not the fact that something goes wrong with the update, its the fact that it's always one of us gamers who spots it. You need to improve the way DCW check the data dude.
2017-04-14 12:41:17
The site operates at cost and it takes a massive amount of memory to do these calculations and we are heavily dependent on a third party that has frequent API problems. We try to keep up with it, but we have jobs and can't monitor the site 24/7. We could always do things to make more money, like showing full page ads or auto playing video but I don't imagine you want that either. It also doesn't help that ad blocking is a growing in popularity, which hurts sites like this one.
2017-04-14 15:01:55
Justed switched off AdBlock for your site.
2017-04-15 02:26:22
Thanks, it's always appreciated. No one likes ads and shit like auto playing videos is maddening. We didn't want to be money grubbing assholes so we made as minimal as possible to keep the lights on.
2017-04-17 02:06:56
Do you guys get a per click $ amount when people click on the ads on your site? Or is it just per pop up
2017-04-17 03:12:56
Dude WTF? Unless you make constant large donations to DCW STFU. Diknak does a fantastic job especially considering he does it for free. I think I speak for all the clans when I say Heathens and Kings should be banned from DCW for being ass holes.
2017-04-18 08:17:57
Do you plan on giving them funds ? You do not speak for me. DCW keep doing what you do.
2017-04-14 03:57:26
I guess when bungie bought clan wars they thought their servers would be better, huh! Thought destiny had lag, clan wars just lagged out like the red bars!
2017-04-14 03:59:04
Do you know If he tried unplugging it and waiting 10 sec ... then plugging it back in? ... lol
2017-04-14 05:09:26
Nah, he should take the Clanwars cartridge out and blow on it, stick it back in, job done
2017-04-14 03:12:08
hey guys. I'm not sure what's causing the updates to not be completing. We are going to have to look into and see what's causing the problems.
2017-04-14 03:18:28
Better don't see unknown redux on top after scoreboard updates
2017-04-14 03:34:16
Right on Rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2017-04-14 03:51:02
2017-04-14 03:55:05
Quick! Cook the books diknak!
2017-04-14 03:57:08
[comment deleted]
2017-04-14 02:10:38
can I get some help on how to start and I'm on ps4
2017-04-14 02:10:10
hey guys I'm new and I want to match my clan to a battle
2017-04-18 14:28:28
Did you ever get this figured out? Since you logged into this site, it should have started tracking all clan members and placed your Clem in the correct division.
2017-04-13 22:35:07
Is there a reason why the update takes so long? My stats haven't updated for the last 5 hours yet on it shows all my matches so I have been playing!
2017-04-14 00:16:01
My stats haven't been updated since yesterday!
2017-04-14 02:18:48
Mine haven't update since noon's now 10 est
2017-04-13 22:23:37
Seems like scores are taking alot longer than usual to update
2017-04-12 17:47:48
Can anyone elaborate on the "Issue Challenge" feature? Like what is it exactly and how does it work?
2017-04-12 18:05:35
it basically let's you challenge other clans in your own private group. Same modifiers apply and everything, but lets you keep a closer eye on specific clans.
2017-04-12 13:26:20
Are there issues with updates? as the scores don't seem to of changed since this morning.
2017-04-12 14:30:28
looks like it's running fine to me. We take a pause every morning to do housecleaning stuff but it's running as expected.
2017-04-12 15:20:17
Strange, as when I go and look at your results it shows you as having not completed any rounds. I refreshed the page and reloaded the browser and still not updates.