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SIVA StrikesPlay SIVA strikes or any strike 42 or higher

  • Battalion
  • Platoon
  • Squad
Rank Clan Current Score Active Members Total Members
1THE IRON WOLVES18,132,6223369
2Too old to care7,470,8804884
3The Solar Syndicate3,957,5314599
4Unknown Redux II3,541,9443470
5Old Man Clan3,529,6153496
6Band of Fathers3,065,9154194
7Uprising Warmind Black2,915,4143092
8Iron Orange Earth2,702,7812698
9Lethal Crisis2,684,1484091
10DoD Outlaws2,649,2764497
11DoD Lost Boys2,590,0162797
12Universo Destiny PS42,573,2603881
13Heathens and Kings2,448,4793371
14True Wolf Pack2,422,8294596
15DoD WARLORDS2,413,0473596
16Alliterate Soldiers2,388,6122889
17Heroes of the Six Fronts2,252,7203380
18DadsofDestiny The B Team2,219,4822370
19Hive Hunterz2,157,0363095
20Destiny Dads YOLO1,997,51735100
21DadsOfDestiny Legacy1,993,7663375
22Dads of Destiny UK PS41,976,4452691
23DoD West Coast PS41,910,1612795
24X1 Light1,855,6953595
25Hive Hunterz Iron Lordz1,841,4702697
26DoD Graveyard Shift1,819,2143186
27Blueberry Muffins1,813,9422970
28Unknown Redux1,740,7952888
29DoD X1 Foxtrot1,733,01327100
30Reddit Dads X1,699,8472193
31League of Mature Gamers1,662,3412495
32Wolves Of Parnassus1,617,2283089
33The Speakers Secret Stash1,555,0343599
34Order of Lasting Light1,554,8632669
36DoD Brotherhood Ascending1,487,1022786
37Soldiers of 7ight1,429,6502089
38Immortalis Rising1,406,1282583
39DoD United1,381,42428100
40The 100 Hero Squad1,297,0962384
41The Revolution Rises1,217,7522695
42Foxtrot United1,210,1812593
43DoD WESTSIDE PRIME1,152,1672071
44Destiny Collective1,128,8261971
45The Resistance II1,094,3951785
46Dads of Destiny Relics945,5422068
47Alliterate Soldiers III901,4901884
48Soldiers of the Phoenix833,6851981
49Inebriated Sobriety789,7301298
50Dads of Destiny X1 Euro743,2301177
51DadsOfDestiny Military736,3011769
52FoF House of WAR473,8911287
53Travelers Dead Ghost359,7301378
54LGN Wolfpack359,0161498
55Jovian Kings I38,435378


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2017-04-26 10:50:57
Ok I'm still not sure what this issue challenge and my challenges is so could someone please explain? Thanks
2017-04-27 13:11:01
Run level 42 Siva Strikes. Your scores will be collected.