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Prison of EldersPlay Prison of Elders at any level to earn points.

  • Battalion
  • Platoon
  • Squad
Rank Clan Current Score Active Members Total Members
1THE IRON WOLVES2,699,8102769
2Too old to care682,5731268
3Heathens and Kings645,4491373
4SEO Sith411,3811071
5Soldiers of 7ight310,191890
6Old Man Clan250,115396
7DoD Lost Boys178,879996
8Lethal Crisis127,967997
9Warlocks Cant Jump XB198,216398
10Axiom Gaming81,2341589
11Alliterate Soldiers III66,962578
12Universo Destiny PS462,283482
13Band of Fathers61,727594
14DoD West Coast PS456,774695
15Wolves Of Parnassus55,379488
16The Speakers Secret Stash53,456599
17DoD WARLORDS42,804395
18Unknown Redux II42,203474
19Unknown Redux41,895390
20Immortalis Rising41,294493
21DoD X1 Foxtrot41,0223100
22Alliterate Soldiers40,737487
23Order of Lasting Light30,577367
24Warlocks Cant Jump PS428,899172
25DadsOfDestiny Legacy21,856375
26Dads of Destiny UK PS416,385189
28DoD Brotherhood Ascending13,331683
29Uprising Warmind Black13,195292
30Hive Hunterz9,214395
31DadsOfDestiny Military8,243271
32Blueberry Muffins5,890270
33Dads of Destiny Relics4,278270
34DadsofDestiny The B Team0071
35Jovian Kings I0078
36Iron Orange Earth0198
37The Revolution Rises0095


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2017-05-05 01:04:03
DIKNAK!!!! Please tell me there's gonna be a kick a$$ orb modifier for banner!!! Please please please!!!!!
2017-05-05 02:49:11
I agree ... even a 3% bonus per orb instead of a weapon modifier with a bonus for super kills ...
2017-05-05 11:53:15
about to create the event now...I haven't decided the modifiers yet.
2017-05-04 17:17:05
Go GuardiansAgainstGary! Get that win!!!