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ClashScore points by completing clash matches.

  • Battalion
  • Platoon
  • Squad
Rank Clan Current Score Active Members Total Members
1THE IRON WOLVES2,331,0313769
2Heathens and Kings1,478,4623873
3Immortalis Rising1,252,7984994
4Old Man Clan1,182,7983595
5Band of Fathers1,175,3645194
6Order of Lasting Light1,131,2543769
7Unknown Redux1,110,9144989
8Uprising Warmind Black1,004,6403292
9Unknown Redux II961,5734175
10DoD West Coast PS4878,7883195
11Iron Orange Earth815,3233698
12Alliterate Soldiers771,0033386
13DoD Lost Boys669,5063196
14SEO Sith638,9002374
15DadsOfDestiny Legacy636,5192575
16X1 Light611,1243296
17Warlocks Cant Jump XB1588,1323098
18DoD WARLORDS497,9553295
19The Revolution Rises482,0652595
20Hive Hunterz470,4472695
21DadsofDestiny The B Team459,9872471
22Axiom Gaming458,6874188
23Dads of Destiny Relics443,2802070
24Wolves Of Parnassus441,2132888
25Blueberry Muffins434,7142270
26Band of Fathers III400,23516100
27DoD Brotherhood Ascending374,2111883
28Alliterate Soldiers III349,5261978
29DoD United323,69119100
30Dads of Destiny UK PS4319,4362090
31The 100 Hero Squad317,8641685
32Universo Destiny PS4300,6331981
33The Pot Noodle Posse284,8142799
34High Command Mk II261,6071997
35DoD Outlaws259,0152096
36Soldiers of 7ight235,6931790
38Foxtrot United173,2691493
39Banana Van172,9121797
40Hive Hunterz Iron Lordz155,7431496
41DoD X1 Foxtrot154,21719100
42High Command 1149,6751373
43DadsOfDestiny Military116,333771
44Jovian Kings I108,1561077
45Warlocks Cant Jump PS485,505870
46DoD Graveyard Shift80,4591587
48DoD Guardian Down38,184578
49Uprising Dads32,372485
50Sticky Nation0090


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2017-05-05 04:13:27
Control isn't here this week just clash or rift
2017-05-05 11:52:46
I see that. Thanks, fixing it now.
2017-05-05 14:02:46
You COULD play Combined Arms. Counts as Control. But don't. It's not worth it. :P