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Mayhem ClashPlay Mayhem Clash to earn points.

  • Battalion
  • Platoon
  • Squad
Rank Clan Current Score Active Members Total Members
1THE IRON WOLVES2,851,5291276
2Heathens and Kings1,650,370874
3DoD Ronin1,541,394999
4Universo Destiny PS41,020,858581
5Old Man Clan906,86310100
6X1 Light880,8631599
7DoD United812,3548100
8Iron Orange Earth787,242597
9The True Black Hand763,188879
10DoD Brotherhood Ascending757,7011184
11LGN Wolfpack665,237799
12Order of Lasting Light653,0851676
13Warlocks Cant Jump XB1651,1241198
14Dads of Destiny Relics646,524672
15The Resistance II629,550889
17SEO Sith571,604969
18South Pacific Destroyers544,733898
19Knights of the Phoenix539,837188
20Waltz of the Abyss483,896777
21Sticky Nation414,866686
22I Lethal Enigma I396,354876
23The 100 Hero Squad372,497685
24Hive Hunterz365,278795
25Unknown Redux II348,943767
26Dads of Destiny UK PS4346,791592
27DadsOfDestiny Legacy345,021676
28DoD X1 Foxtrot342,7177100
29Soldiers of 7ight332,173590
30DoD Lost Boys330,117495
31DadsofDestiny The B Team317,081670
32Uprising Warmind Black278,479693
33DoD West Coast PS4260,693593
34Band of Fathers II252,336494
35DoD Graveyard Shift249,133584
36The Pot Noodle Posse233,516497
37Band of Fathers225,677695
38Alliterate Soldiers225,365589
39Stubborn Old Raiders224,883392
41High Command Mk II187,1643100
42The Celestial Nomads185,683380
43is Alpha157,417486
44DoD WESTSIDE PRIME151,871474
45Wolves Of Parnassus147,671787
46The Power Galactic145,030493
47Grimm Advice136,863468
48DoD Outlaws133,672694
49Reddit Dads X130,185491
50Band of Fathers IV127,616668
51Vexual Frustrati0n123,550269
52Speakers Secret Stash XB1116,558492
53Destiny Collective114,554470
54The Future War Guardians105,234496
55Destiny Dads YOLO89,5983100
56The Speakers Secret Stash86,348397
57FoF House of WAR82,988382
58Blueberry Muffins81,492271
59Hive Hunterz Iron Lordz74,488487
60Phoenix Infinity71,948286
61The Power Cosmic66,796186
62Band of Fathers III56,3784100
64Unknown Redux37,068279
65DadsOfDestiny Military23,950171
66Travelers Dead Ghost0078


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2017-05-23 13:52:04
It looks like the API was fixed but I am still seeing a bunch of missing data. I'm going to clear out the badges for this event but hopefully we will be good going forward.
2017-05-21 06:17:49
Hello this is for all the people running destiny clan wars site i need to apologize for my past comment. its said i have offended some people in what i said . My comments weren't directed at anyone and i apologize
2017-05-20 20:29:56
If it stays broken it will just close without the badges so people aren't getting win credits. Sorry, but there isn't anything we can do if bungie doesn't fix the issue.
2017-05-20 22:41:41
It's okay Diknak, thanks for trying your best!
2017-05-20 20:02:01
[comment deleted]
2017-05-20 12:27:46
I think everybody should be set back to zero until this is fixed
2017-05-20 12:27:10
Are we really going to lose because of this to be honest this is kinda bullshit
2017-05-20 14:08:44
It's just a game, no need to get abusive with the clan wars people. Put things into perspective please.
2017-05-21 00:27:13
Savage, I know it's frustrating but this is not on Diknak. It is the bungie API system, please be careful what you post here because you are represent our clan as a whole.
2017-05-21 00:27:37
you represent**
2017-05-19 21:42:04
Hey y'all, so I have had members playing most of the morning. It seems to have only tracked one of them and than stopped, I'm assuming it's on bungies said again. Any word if it'll be fixed or is it another dead event?
2017-05-20 00:07:56
Yeah looks like Bungie screwed the pooch with heir last update and broke the API. Sorry.
2017-05-20 01:43:16
All of my points ;-; noooooo
2017-05-20 04:36:05
Aww.. not againnnn!! We love these events ❤️. Guess there's always next one right?! :)
2017-05-19 13:04:25
Are there still problems on bungies side? Everyone is zero again.
2017-05-19 15:54:06
looks to be that way...
2017-05-19 18:31:51
They're not making things easy for you are they lol