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Rank Clan Current Score Active Members Total Members
2THE IRON WOLVES1,187,0711979
3Wolves Of Parnassus548,768889
4Order of Lasting Light299,490482
5Warlocks Cant Jump XB1276,084897
6Grimm Advice274,067880
7The True Black Hand267,0421474
8Old Man Clan249,3996100
9The Future War Guardians195,042791
10Unknown Redux II175,140567
11The Pot Noodle Posse162,4476100
12Band of Fathers III150,4097100
13Heathens and Kings149,202572
14Vexual Frustrati0n149,131570
15Sticky Nation146,940589
16Soldiers of 7ight112,831491
17Band of Fathers IV110,061679
18DoD West Coast PS4105,935595
19Hive Hunterz105,544593
20DadsOfDestiny Military101,820272
21Destiny Dads YOLO87,4976100
22Band of Fathers87,155392
23Dads of Destiny UK PS486,775489
24Alliterate Soldiers83,620273
25The Celestial Nomads82,797680
26High Command Mk II82,2017100
27Iron Orange Earth78,662498
28LGN Wolfpack76,0702100
29Waltz of the Abyss73,040379
30DoD X1 Foxtrot71,3094100
31DoD Brotherhood Ascending69,651684
32The Speakers Secret Stash68,060497
33The 100 Hero Squad60,102485
34Uprising Warmind Black56,485493
35Dads of Destiny Relics46,259473
36Dads of Destiny NA East45,850190
37The Power Galactic40,375774
38DadsOfDestiny Legacy40,295678
40DoD United29,7552100
41The Resistance II26,145189
42Knights of the Phoenix24,340387
43Waltz of the Ascendants17,550166
44X1 Light12,950299
45SEO Sith11,570269
46DoD Graveyard Shift9,778384
47Unknown Redux7,770287
48Stubborn Old Raiders3,230393
49DoD Lost Boys2,800195
50Hive Hunterz Iron Lordz1,645188
51Phoenix Infinity0188
52Destiny Collective0070
53DadsofDestiny The B Team0070


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2017-05-24 16:16:09
Wow gag running away with it again looool