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  • Squad
Rank Clan Current Score Active Members Total Members
2Order of Lasting Light417,5393179
3SEO Sith252,9511268
4DoD Lost Boys235,4721995
5Waltz of the Abyss224,7721779
6The Pot Noodle Posse221,9142498
7Iron Orange Earth220,4621698
8Vexing Our Guns214,3611368
9Knights of the Phoenix190,0701887
10Band of Fathers179,5202288
11Wolves Of Parnassus174,7582289
12Warlocks Cant Jump XB1148,8201798
13Lethality Gaming134,3032296
14The Future War Guardians131,4141686
15Unknown Redux130,5481688
16Hive Hunterz128,6051393
17DoD United126,00417100
18DoD West Coast PS4117,3891895
19Dads of Destiny UK PS4110,7291290
20The Power Galactic95,8761375
21DadsOfDestiny Legacy93,899878
22THE IRON WOLVES85,3801679
23The True Black Hand83,8731874
24Dads of Destiny NA East77,123688
25High Command Mk II76,49210100
26DoD Brotherhood Ascending72,6261587
27LGN Wolfpack67,3217100
28Vexual Frustrati0n64,3061272
29DoD X1 Foxtrot58,12815100
30The Celestial Nomads52,7631281
31Unknown Redux II43,3601068
32Soldiers of 7ight36,009991
33Dads of Destiny Relics33,4451171
34Destiny Dads YOLO30,5235100
35DadsOfDestiny Military30,380872
36The Speakers Secret Stash29,695997
37Hive Hunterz Iron Lordz29,617888
38The 100 Hero Squad25,540985
39Phoenix Infinity23,206788
40Heathens and Kings20,118772
41Destiny Collective12,545770


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