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SIVA StrikesPlay SIVA strikes or any strike 42 or higher

  • Battalion
  • Platoon
  • Squad
Rank Clan Current Score Active Members Total Members
2The Dark Knights17,470,7885396
3GuardiansAgainstGary V25,034,3284070
4ACES OF CAYDE63,834,2085088
5X1 Light3,658,86322100
6Old Man Clan2,972,21327100
7Band of Fathers2,803,0533796
8Bullet Club Syndicate2,728,8312483
9Aces and Jacks XB2,660,5102999
10The Power Galactic2,540,6383291
12Unknown Redux2,239,97822100
13High Command Mk II2,230,0202897
15The Pot Noodle Posse2,134,3052899
16DoD Outlaws1,972,4212593
17Soldiers of 7ight1,912,8502197
18Vexing Our Guns1,869,1942384
19Alliterate Soldiers1,856,0712171
20The Power Cosmic1,846,9451767
21DadsOfDestiny Legacy1,824,9152376
22Band of Fathers IV1,768,1593998
23The Future War Guardians1,709,2282591
24Brave hearts of destiny1,659,8332667
25The Secret Prototype1,601,8162993
26Hive Hunterz1,559,4801995
27Destiny Reset Osiris1,552,8601489
28Order of Lasting Light1,470,7262677
29The Speakers Secret Stash1,427,0732797
30Lethality Gaming1,421,6703297
31DoD Graveyard Shift1,418,3352182
32Wolves Of Parnassus1,413,0801988
33The Resistance II1,407,5281888
34High Command 11,330,9441870
35I Lethal Enigma I1,330,0053383
36Universo Destiny PS41,324,3262970
37Warlocks Cant Jump XB11,297,0112585
38Vexual Frustrati0n1,273,9732576
39Immortalis Rising1,254,9502381
40Destiny Dads YOLO1,218,19017100
41Iron Orange Earth1,153,5441898
42Dads of Destiny Relics1,144,7701774
43Vicious Hamsters PS41,140,4601566
44I v i z i o n I1,130,8852568
45Aces and Jacks1,107,8541575
46DoD United1,083,43019100
47Heroes of the Six Fronts1,073,5851883
48The Celestial Nomads1,062,7911982
49DoD X1 Foxtrot981,65622100
50Stubborn Old Raiders962,8341594
52DoD Brotherhood Ascending930,6841290
53Hive Hunterz Iron Lordz903,6631689
54Dads of Destiny UK PS4903,2901893
55Phoenix Infinity849,7611687
56Hesperian Alliance842,5831368
57Dads of Destiny NA East832,415889
58Aces and Kings824,8151377
59DoD WESTSIDE PRIME816,1311878
60DoD Lost Boys813,2801594
61DadsOfDestiny Military781,3191472
62LGN Wolfpack771,60815100
63DadsofDestiny The B Team765,7541069
64Foxtrot United728,5501492
65DoD West Coast PS4726,9271590
66DadsOfDestiny Battleborn716,2851281
67Band of Fathers III693,8101298
68Dads of Destiny X1 Euro675,3501081
69League of Mature Gamers654,9681594
70FoF House of WAR637,578881
71Uprising Warmind Black621,6751493
72Ravens of the Realm618,6502495
73Waltz of the Abyss600,1501075
74The 100 Hero Squad547,2251068
75Waltz of the Ascendants539,9971675
76THE IRON WOLVES538,1371679
77Leerroyyy Jenkins482,933971
78Band of Fathers II446,4621299
79The Revolution Rises407,1371295
80Reddit Dads X400,420592
81Knights of the Phoenix316,390691
82Travelers Dead Ghost107,000677


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2017-06-14 16:20:28
clan wars for raid completions might be interesting
2017-06-14 11:04:35
It's probly a lot to ask but something to consider, can you make clan wars so that when you open it, it doesn't open a new Web page everytime? During banner I must have at least 50 pages to close out. It's so annoying.
2017-06-14 11:38:30
our website doesn't do that...Are you on mobile? Do you have a bookmark pinned to your home screen or something?
2017-06-16 11:07:31
Yes mobile, and yes on homescreen
2017-06-16 11:36:19
yeah, that's your phone that does that, not our site.
2017-06-11 18:10:20
Is there any chance we could get some differet modifiers for these mid-week PvE things? I could be wrong, but it seems Strikes always has the same modifiers.
2017-06-12 19:45:57
The problem is they can be gamed because you can farm mobs and completely stack your % multipliers. We tried it once and people were spending 2 hours doing a single strike because it was super efficient at gaining points. PoE uses more mods though because it's a controlled environment.