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Rank Clan Current Score Active Members Total Members
1Vexual Frustrati0n5,167,5914081
2The Dark Knights5,047,5964696
4Order of Lasting Light2,183,2042677
5Revenge Is Ours1,589,6344383
6ACES OF CAYDE6904,3174498
7Band of Fathers864,7092678
8GuardiansAgainstGary V2699,1232066
9X1 Light698,99627100
10DadsOfDestiny Legacy690,3232276
12DoD X1 Foxtrot639,63726100
13DoD Lost Boys621,7471894
14Aces and Jacks XB588,0501998
15Ravens of the Realm552,2981595
16DoD United523,42822100
17DadsofDestiny The B Team520,7991669
18Wolves Of Parnassus509,5442791
19I Lethal Enigma I495,9912988
20Waltz of the Ascendants488,8632473
21The Power Galactic473,1622493
22Lethality Gaming443,2292897
23Warlocks Cant Jump XB1440,4482488
24The Power Cosmic440,2671966
25DoD West Coast PS4419,2111690
26Band of Fathers IV382,5353198
28Hesperian Alliance362,7671068
29Foxtrot United349,6042292
30Aces and Jacks323,6841374
31DoD WESTSIDE PRIME312,0802278
32DoD Graveyard Shift309,2251382
33The Pot Noodle Posse308,96118100
34Old Man Clan305,5311999
35Alliterate Soldiers265,5101672
36The Secret Prototype257,9161891
37Unknown Redux II257,3021067
38The Speakers Secret Stash251,9562297
39Destiny Dads YOLO247,81316100
40Hive Hunterz Iron Lordz246,3081692
41Immortalis Rising244,4231172
42High Command Mk II238,2141998
43I v i z i o n I235,5222370
44High Command 1234,7351168
45Uprising Warmind Black234,2221893
46Band of Fathers III231,6631499
47DoD Outlaws230,2161994
48Soldiers of 7ight230,0541297
49SEO Sith224,3631466
50DoD Brotherhood Ascending223,0202390
51The Revolution Rises222,9961396
52Unknown Redux216,3611591
53Waltz of the Abyss216,346875
54LGN Wolfpack215,65314100
55Iron Orange Earth207,4401794
56League of Mature Gamers206,900794
57Dads of Destiny UK PS4198,9821693
58Destiny Reset Osiris189,6521189
59Brave hearts of destiny180,7841568
60The Resistance II168,3611388
61Travelers Dead Ghost156,427777
62Phoenix Infinity147,273787
63Hive Hunterz146,9481695
64Aces and Kings141,070977
65Bullet Club Syndicate134,376884
67THE IRON WOLVES130,3451379
68Dads of Destiny Relics124,1801374
69Reddit Dads X76,742392
70Stubborn Old Raiders67,944994
71DadsOfDestiny Military54,900971
72The Holy Yams of Mercy2,510197


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2017-06-16 18:41:17
Yeah its not working for me either
2017-06-16 17:46:46
Is clanwars updating?? Ive been running for the last 4-5 hours and nothing's showing up.
2017-06-16 11:09:46
@Diknak, so the convo don't get lost, yes I'm on a mobile and yes it's got a short cut on my home screen. Is there a different way I should be doing it?
2017-06-16 11:37:25
yeah it's your phone that does that and it would do the same with any other site you pin. It's what I do on my phone as well and I just end up closing them after a while.
2017-06-16 20:33:19
[comment deleted]