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Mayhem ClashPlay Mayhem Clash to earn points.

  • Battalion
  • Platoon
  • Squad
Rank Clan Current Score Active Members Total Members
1Vexual Frustrati0n28,493,5744186
2Revenge Is Ours24,988,7115995
3The Dark Knights20,472,1733496
4Order of Lasting Light12,902,2013275
6ACES OF CAYDE66,963,02247100
7Aces and Jacks XB4,811,7162397
8The Power Cosmic4,503,1202270
9Aces and Kings3,731,6851677
10High Command Mk II3,676,7852497
11Band of Fathers3,418,9892378
12THE IRON WOLVES3,202,9051179
13I Lethal Enigma I3,165,5463289
14Iron Orange Earth3,030,4981394
15DoD Outlaws2,962,0972094
16High Command 12,863,9241369
17X1 Light2,733,24324100
18Band of Fathers IV2,579,2112797
19Aces and Jacks2,471,8161883
20DoD Lost Boys2,293,6351794
21Hive Hunterz2,256,6852195
22The Pot Noodle Posse2,154,4792295
23League of Mature Gamers2,133,5471494
24DoD Brotherhood Ascending2,111,0341890
25Unknown Redux2,095,8371991
26Uprising Warmind2,019,2991593
27DoD West Coast PS41,853,5722190
28Hive Hunterz Iron Lordz1,838,7991796
29Soldiers of 7ight1,714,3271596
30The Power Galactic1,674,4851698
31Dads of Destiny UK PS41,613,1982093
32DadsOfDestiny Military1,514,3761476
33SEO Sith1,486,9621568
34The Revolution Rises1,120,3791195
35The Holy Yams of Mercy1,109,0091097
36II v i z i o n II699,348969
37LGN Wolfpack600,52711100
38El Gran Azote Iberico536,724881
39Wolves Of Parnassus528,0491375
40Dads of Destiny Relics318,370575
41Universo Destiny PS4290,233771
42DadsOfDestiny Legacy217,240876
43Avalanche UK189,980468


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