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ClashScore points by completing clash matches.

  • Battalion
  • Platoon
  • Squad
Rank Clan Current Score Active Members Total Members
1Revenge Is Ours2,718,2955899
2Band of Fathers957,9604793
3The Dark Knights944,2244097
4Avalanche UK851,1862666
5Unbroken Redux834,1984687
6Touch My Malice 1st612,1462583
7DoD Outlaws588,7143294
8Divine Precision574,5632695
9Old Man Clan550,7472498
10Waltz of the Ascendants518,8122777
12The Future War Guardians448,1932289
13Destiny Dads YOLO413,18422100
14DoD Graveyard Shift395,6561878
15The Pot Noodle Posse393,73728100
16DoD WESTSIDE PRIME377,8742086
17Waltz of the Abyss370,5751779
18League of Ordinary Titans365,4943071
19ACES OF CAYDE6346,5653398
20DoD United338,8312999
21I Lethal Enigma I331,1932995
22DoD Lost Boys330,0422698
23Hive Hunterz Iron Lordz323,2821597
24DoD WARLORDS283,1031575
25The Power Cosmic246,6681989
26The Speakers Secret Stash246,0352596
27Iron Orange Earth244,8822395
28Aces and Jacks XB239,7661597
29DoD West Coast PS4227,6271789
30Vexual Frustrati0n224,0922074
31Aces and Jacks of Spades223,4332698
32Wolves Of Parnassus222,0852076
34LGN Wolfpack208,41620100
35Aces and Kings207,9591578
36Warlocks Cant Jump XB1207,4342598
37Order of Lasting Light192,7321473
38Dads of Destiny UK PS4182,4012288
39Destiny Collective163,5311374
40DadsOfDestiny Legacy156,1642676
41Stubborn Old Raiders153,4891696
42The Revolution Rises151,3991689
43Hive Hunterz149,4871892
44Band of Fathers III149,4041098
45League of Mature Gamers140,1391294
46Universo Destiny PS4139,0101772
47DadsOfDestiny Military137,0261272
48Dads of Destiny Relics136,5481477
49High Command Mk II133,7351696
50DadsofDestiny The B Team122,9191169
51Soldiers of 7ight114,5411091
52DoD X1 Foxtrot108,27018100
53DoD Brotherhood Ascending97,4471879
54Warlocks Cant Jump PS492,0181474
55The Resistance II90,4431289
56The Power Galactic88,5512098
57Band of Fathers IV81,3481690
58The Holy Yams of Mercy79,6571096
59DoD United III73,5541071
60Leerroyyy Jenkins64,731971
61DoD Charlie PS462,763666
63SEO Sith51,450973
64High Command 150,169768
65X1 Light41,1599100
66The 100 Hero Squad29,783466
67SSTR Sekhmets Perfection24,548776
68Uprising Dads24,276493
69DoD X1 Foxtrot II19,516485
70Dads Of Destiny Canada17,183590
71DoD West Legends694186


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2017-07-15 02:56:57
Will there be clan wars for destiny 2?
2017-07-17 07:36:06
[comment deleted]
2017-07-17 15:09:08
we haven't announced anything yet. We will be posting a blog post during the next IB to share our plans.
2017-07-20 10:41:21
Hell yea. Thanks diknak