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Rank Clan Current Score Active Members Total Members
1Revenge Is Ours6,964,31550105
2Reckoning of the Gods2,720,8564387
3The Future War Guardians1,520,1982192
4The Dark Knights844,1722495
5Touch My Malice 1st746,5371384
6ACES OF CAYDE6721,33321101
7Aces and Jacks of Spades612,0831799
8Aces and Jacks XB490,3881399
9Wolves Of Parnassus426,0851878
10Band of Fathers409,8462197
11Unbroken Redux314,4072091
12Old Man Clan304,7141499
13I Lethal Enigma I300,5461998
14Iron Orange Earth287,5251194
16DoD WESTSIDE PRIME225,2031286
17League of Ordinary Titans212,3951174
18Soldiers of 7ight210,5071477
19High Command Mk II204,4371294
20X1 Light196,59611100
21Waltz of the Ascendants189,6181170
22Dads of Destiny UK PS4182,4851289
23Divine Precision159,1471092
25Hive Hunterz Iron Lordz110,6841496
26DadsOfDestiny Legacy110,1941076
27DoD Outlaws97,778995
28DoD X1 Foxtrot II88,569586
29Vexual Frustrati0n87,9311075
30DoD Lost Boys85,656896
31DoD X1 Foxtrot79,9995100
32Destiny Collective68,831474
33The Celestial Nomads44,696792
34Dads of Destiny Relics39,533678
35The 100 Hero Squad36,167466
36Dads Of Destiny Canada11,467290


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